Our Team and Partners

We are investigators, lawyers and campaigners. We work in close collaboration with fellows and partner organisations around the world and we rely on a small operations team to run the organisation. You can meet us below. Please note that some staff aren’t listed here for security reasons.

We are proud to have an open and transparent pay structure. It is governed by a principle that the highest-paid member of staff will be paid no more than double the lowest-paid member of staff.

Visit our vacancies page to find out about new opportunities to join our team.

Our team

Photo of Anna Yearley
Joint Executive Director
Photo of Maya Foa
Joint Executive Director
Photo of Aisha Dennis
Project Manager – Extrajudicial Executions
Photo of Alexander Scott
Project Coordinator – Death Penalty (Malawi)
Photo of Alexious Kamagila
Fellow – Death Penalty (Malawi)
Photo of Andrew Purcell
Project Lead – Media
Photo of Baraa Shiban
Fellow – Extrajudicial Executions
Photo of Blaire Andres
Head of Death Penalty (USA)
Photo of Catriona Harris
Caseworker – Death Penalty (Middle East and North Africa)
Photo of Chipiliro Lulanga
Fellow – Death Penalty (Malawi)
Photo of Colette G. St-Onge
Head of Campaigns and Digital
Photo of Dan Dolan
Deputy Director – Policy and Media
Photo of Dharsha Jegatheeswaran
Project Lead – Death Penalty (South Asia)
Photo of Dixie Hawtin
Project Lead – Development and Outreach (Institutional Donors)
Photo of Fatou Kane
Head of Finance
Photo of Gillian Lazonby
Deputy Director – Legal and Governance
Photo of Harriet McCulloch
Deputy Director – Death Penalty
Photo of Jeed Basyouni
Head of Death Penalty (Middle East and North Africa)
Photo of Jennifer Gibson
Project Lead – Extrajudicial Executions
Photo of Katie Campbell
Project Lead – Death Penalty (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Photo of Katie Rosenthal
Operations Officer
Photo of Katie Taylor
Deputy Director – Secret Prisons and Extrajudicial Executions
Photo of Linda Kitenge
Caseworker – Death Penalty (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Photo of Martina Burtscher
Fellow – Secret Prisons (Life After Guantánamo)
Photo of Maya Linstrum-Newman
Legal and Policy Officer (Bertha Justice Fellow)
Photo of Nick Beales
Project Lead – Secret Prisons
Photo of Peter Mincer
Development Officer (Database)
Photo of Preetha Gopalan
Deputy Head of UK Litigation and Project Lead – Death Penalty (South East Asia)
Photo of Sabine Njikingoue
Finance Officer
Photo of Sam Johnston Hawke
Project Lead – Policy
Photo of Shamima Blake
Campaigns and Digital Officer
Photo of Sherif Azer
Investigator – Death Penalty (Middle East and North Africa)
Photo of Shirly Amayo
Fellow – Death Penalty (Kenya)
Photo of Teresa Prasetio
Fellow – Death Penalty (South East Asia)
Photo of Winifred Syombua
Fellow – Death Penalty (Kenya)
Photo of Zoe Bedford
Head of UK litigation, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia
Photo of Georgie Robertson
Media Officer

Our trustees

Reprieve’s board of trustees is responsible for governance and strategic direction. They come from the fields of law, communications, fundraising, accountancy, management, and more. We are grateful for their dedication, time and expertise.

Our patrons and ambassadors

Our patrons and ambassadors are people who are passionate about our work and use their public platform to support our campaigns and our clients.