Katherine Cornett

Head of the Unlawful Detentions Team
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Katherine is the Head of the Unlawful Detentions Team at Reprieve. Katherine and the team work to ensure that individuals detained in north-east Syria and Iraq are treated in line with international law, released from arbitrary detention, and are not subjected to torture, the death penalty, or extrajudicial execution. 

Prior to joining Reprieve, Katherine worked for UN peace missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Sudan, focusing primarily on the protection of civilians in conflict. She has also worked for a UN humanitarian agency in the Middle East and for several UN war crimes tribunals. Katherine has an MA from King’s College London, a BCL from the University of Oxford, an LL.B from the University of Toronto, and a BA from McGill University. She passed the bar in Ontario, Canada, and is admitted to legal practice in England and Wales (non-practicing).