End The Death Penalty

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Death penalty: Official record of opposition

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The death penalty is wrong.

It is cruel and inhumane. It is expensive, impractical and there is no evidence it deters crime. But despite all this it is still used as a form of punishment – from the US to Saudi Arabia, from Indonesia to Egypt.

Reprieve works with fellows and partners around the world to save our clients from execution – and in doing so we challenge whole systems of injustice. We focus on the cases that are most likely to have a wider impact for a large number of people.

We do what is needed – that might mean unearthing evidence, drafting legal documents for a court case, or working with governments to provide representation and support.

And what we do works – we have saved more than 550 people facing death sentences across the globe.


We worked with 74 people facing the possibility of a death sentence in 2019


We helped 16 people escape death sentences or executions in 2019