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Vanessa Kirby, Stanley Tucci, Gillian Anderson and other celebrities join Reprieve’s fight to repatriate British nationals detained in Syria

The Evening Standard reports that stars including Vanessa Kirby, Stanley Tucci and Gillian Anderson have joined Reprieve in signing an open letter to ministers urging the repatriation of UK nationals detained in North-East Syria (NES). About 25 British families, mostly mothers and children, are currently being held in the dangerous and unsanitary detention camps set up following the collapse of the Islamic State in 2019.

The letter states “Britain should take responsibility for its citizens, not seek to cast them out into a legal black hole in dire conditions…It is shameful that narrow political considerations have triumphed over common sense and respect for the rule of law for so long, but there is still time for the Government to follow the example of many of its allies and rethink this unconscionable policy.”

Around two-thirds of the British women detained in NES were trafficked to Syria. Read more here.