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Kenyan High Court quashes conviction of Ali Kololo

The Guardian reports on the overturning of the conviction of Kenyan man Ali Kololo, who was sentenced to death after being falsely accused of robbery with violence after a 2011 attack that left UK citizen David Tebbutt dead, and his wife Judith held captive in Somalia for six months.

Judith Tebbutt said she was ‘delighted’ to see Ali Kololo freed after campaigning for his release alongside organisations like Reprieve over the last decade.

Reprieve’s director Maya Foa said: “Ali Kololo’s trial was one of the most unfair imaginable. The imbalance of power in the courtroom was staggering, between the senior Metropolitan police detective testifying for the prosecution and the illiterate defendant being tried in a language he did not understand, without the aid of a lawyer for most of the trial … It is a tragedy that it took so long to reach this point when the injustice was apparent from the start.”