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Already imprisoned for 2000 days, Jagtar Singh Johal could face another 40 years

The Daily Record report on 2000 days since Scottish man Jagtar Singh Johal was first imprisoned in India on false charges. This comes after reports that a UK intelligence agency tip-off led to Jagtar’s arrest, and acknowledgement by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson that India is arbitrarily detaining Jagtar.

Reprieve Director Maya Foa said “justice delayed is justice denied” and that Indian prosecutors “have made an artform of stringing cases out for decades by calling hundreds of witnesses and contriving endless delays”.

She added: “As United Nations experts have made clear, the legal proceedings against Jagtar are anything but fair. He is arbitrarily detained with no end in sight. Boris Johnson acknowledged this when he was Prime Minister but we have seen some alarming backsliding from the current UK Government, including on Jagtar’s torture. The plain truth is that a blameless British citizen has been locked up in an Indian jail for five years and counting, and he will only be released when the UK Government intervenes decisively to bring him home.”

Sign Reprieve’s petition to call for Jagtar Singh Johal’s release and write to your MP here.