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Saudi Arabia Executes 15 People in 12 Days For Non-Violent Drug Offences

Taha al-Hajji, a  former Saudi defence lawyer who specialised in defending people on death row in Saudi Arabia, said executions for drugs had continued because they were only halted two years ago as  a stunt to create good PR for the super-rich Gulf kingdom.  

“The resumption of executions in drug cases after two years of moratorium reveals how Saudi Arabia uses its media power and influence to promote lies. An official promise is made and used politically to whiten its image for a period of time. Then when the lie has fulfilled its purpose, the killings begin again,” Hajji, who works for the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights, a Europe-based human rights organisation for documenting and promoting human rights in Saudi Arabia  told VICE World News. 

“It is impossible to believe Saudi propaganda about reform unless it is accompanied by legislation amending laws. The return of executions in drug cases confirms the regime’s complete lack of sincerity in respecting people’s lives and its tolerance for bloodshed,” said Hajji, who has had to leave Saudi Arabia for his own safety. 

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