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Egypt executes 9 men – Reprieve comment

Egypt today (Wednesday) executed nine men, it has been reported.

These are the latest in a surge of executions overseen by President el-Sisi since he came to power in 2014. Under President el-Sisi at least 12 juveniles have received preliminary death sentences and 1,451 death sentences have been confirmed.

Commenting on the latest executions, Reprieve Director Maya Foa, said: “As these latest executions show, President el-Sisi’s use of the death penalty is now a full-blown human rights crisis. Executions have spiked – bringing the total number to 15 in just two weeks – amid widespread abuses including gross due process violations, torture, false confessions and the repeated use of mass trials. It is shocking that these abuses continue unabated while the international community remains silent.”