Good news Update Andy Tsege

BREAKING: Andy Tsege released in Ethiopia

UPDATE: Andy Tsege has now been released from prison and is now with his family in Ethiopia

British citizen Andy Tsege has received a pardon from the Ethiopian Government and been released after almost four years on death row in Ethiopia.

After four unbelievably hard years for on death row this is wonderful news for Andy, his partner and their children. The new Ethiopian government should be recognised for what they have done today. The most important thing now is that Andy is able to reunite with his family as soon as possible.

“I am so thankful that the pain and anguish my children have had to go through could now soon be coming to an end. Helawit, Yilak and Menabe have spent too long without their father and we are all hoping Andy will be free to come home to us soon.”

Yemi Hailemariam, Andy’s partner

Andy was originally sentenced to death in his absence in 2009 while he was living in London with his family on charges that were widely seen as politically motivated. He was detained at an international airport in June 2014 and illegally transported to Ethiopia where he has been ever since.

More to come soon…