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Jagtar Singh Johal case: UK spy agencies accused of tip-off that led to torture

UK intelligence agencies are accused of tipping off Indian authorities about a British national before his abduction and alleged torture by Punjab police.

Jagtar Singh Johal, from Dumbarton, was in India in 2017 when his family say he was forced into an unmarked car. He says he was then tortured over days, including with electrocution. He has remained in detention since then. Mr Johal was an active blogger and campaigner for Sikh human rights, which are said to have brought him to the attention of the Indian authorities.

Now the human rights group Reprieve has shown the BBC documentation that it says is compelling evidence that his arrest followed a tip-off from British intelligence.

Reprieve says this case suggests the government has failed to fix longstanding shortcomings in its policy on torture and the death penalty, and has learned little from past failings such as the MI6 tip-off that led to the rendition and torture of Libyan dissident Abdulhakim Belhaj. Read the full story on BBC News.