Reprieve statement on Blackbaud data breach

Reprieve learned on July 16, 2020, that we were one of at least 125 organisations in the UK affected by a data security incident suffered by one of our suppliers, Blackbaud. Full details of the incident can be found in Blackbaud’s statement on the issue.

Blackbaud provides data and technology services to many educational, charitable, and political organisations, and Reprieve contracts Blackbaud to host our supporter databases on a third party cloud system.

We recognise that our supporters may have read about this incident in the press and may have questions as to the extent to which Reprieve was affected.

We are working with Blackbaud to identify any supporters whose data may have been involved in the incident, but in the meantime, we wish to reassure supporters that Reprieve does not store bank or credit card information on Blackbaud’s systems. We will be contacting all affected supporters.

Reprieve is actively seeking more information from Blackbaud as to the breach, and in the meantime, we have reported this incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Charity Commission.

We take data protection, and the privacy of our supporters’ information, very seriously. If you are concerned about this incident and have any further enquiries please email [email protected].