End The Death Penalty Update

Egypt is in the midst of a human rights crisis.

Egypt’s current regime has overseen more than 144 executions and handed preliminary death sentences to more than 2,400 people. Ten of these were children.

The scale is at crisis point.

In response, we created a website that tracks every single death sentence handed down in Egypt since 25th January 2011. The website is open source and free to use. We hope campaigners and activists around the world will use it.

Explore the Index here: www.egyptdeathpenaltyindex.com

Anyone can use the Index to learn about Egypt’s application of the death penalty as a whole, or about individual death penalty trials or defendants. We have only published defendants details when we are liberty to do so. But the site also allows people to submit any information that is missing.

The findings extracted from the Index data are highlighted in a new report: Mass Injustice. The report outlines Egypt’s growing unlawful application of the death penalty and explains how the Index was compiled. Reprieve Director Maya Foa and former beneficiary Ibrahim Halawa were also interviewed about it by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. You can listen to the interview here.

End death sentences for children in Egypt

Since 2013, Egyptian courts have recommended initial death sentences for at least 10 children convicted in mass trials. Sign our petition calling on the Egyptian Government to release all children unlawfully sentenced to death, close the child death penalty loophole and end the use of mass trials.

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