End The Death Penalty Good news

Good news: Reprieve beneficiary in Egypt Hatem Zaghloul has been pardoned and freed!

I am writing to share the great news that Hatem Zaghloul, who was sentenced to death as a child in Egypt in 2014, has now been pardoned and is back with his family. I recently visited Hatem and his father in Egypt just after he returned home. They were both so grateful for the efforts of Reprieve supporters– so, from Hatem and his father, thank you to the whole Reprieve community.

Hatem was taken from his bed in the middle of the night. He was falsely accused of being involved in an attack on a police station. He was sentenced to death in a mass trial of 545 people.

That’s when Reprieve’s lawyers, investigators, campaigners and supporters became involved in proving his innocence. His sentence was eventually reduced to a 10-year prison term, and now – after more than five years away from his family – he has been pardoned and freed by the Egyptian President.

So many people campaigned for Hatem as part of Reprieve’s work to stop children from being sentenced to death in mass trials in Egypt. This is a huge victory for all of us who champion human rights. We should celebrate this great news!

End death sentences for children in Egypt

Since 2013, Egyptian courts have recommended initial death sentences for at least 10 children convicted in mass trials. Sign our petition calling on the Egyptian Government to release all children unlawfully sentenced to death, close the child death penalty loophole and end the use of mass trials.

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