Close Guantánamo Update

A terrible milestone, and a day of celebration.

It is a strange day in Guantánamo – both a terrible milestone, and a day of celebration.

Today marks 6000 days since Guantánamo Bay first opened its gates – 6000 days of torture, abuse, and indefinite detention without charge. It is a cruel reminder of just how long this injustice has gone on.

But this terrible day also coincides with one of great significance for Muslims all around the world, including those detained illegally at Guantánamo– the festival of Eid.

Eid marks the end of a month of fasting, and millions of Muslims across the globe will be celebrating with family gatherings, gifts, and feasts. But the remaining men in Guantánamo will be spending Eid thousands of miles from their families.

At a time like this, these men can feel alone and abandoned: we want to remind these men that they are not.

We continue to fight for them – as we have done since we were one of the first organisations allowed inside America’s illegal prison.

Since then, we’ve managed to secure the release of over 80 detainees and next month the DC District Court will hear our mass habeas petition for those who continue to be held without charge.

The fight against Guantánamo is proving to be a long one, but we won’t stop until Guantánamo is closed for good. I hope you’ll be there to fight with us.