End The Death Penalty Close Guantánamo Update

Hope, justice and personal transformation

I’ve just returned from Malawi and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported our work there.

Many of you recently donated towards the cost of an important appeal, which we hope will now pave the way for new hearings for more prisoners unjustly sentenced to death.

I was in Malawi with our partners this week for the launch of a groundbreaking study on attitudes towards the death penalty by Traditional Leaders. The study revealed that that 94% of traditional leaders from villages impacted by the death penalty oppose capital punishment and prefer alternative methods of dealing with criminal justice matters.

Malawi is a country looking towards abolition with a real sense of hope, and a belief in justice and personal transformation.

As one leader put it – “Prison is for reform. There is no reform in death.”

Chiefs want death penalty abolished” – read local news coverage of the latest from Malawi.

In other news:

With Guantánamo still open, and the grave mistakes of America’s misguided War on Terror far from over, former President Bush’s ‘torturer-in-chief’ is being put forward for a promotion.

Trump’s nomination for head of the CIA, Gina Haspel, ran a Black Site where prisoners were secretly tortured in the most horrific ways. She then helped destroy video evidence of the abuse, and has never been held accountable.

Gina Haspel is unfit to run the CIA. More on that soon – for now, a big thank you again to everyone who is helping us save lives and protect fundamental human rights.