End The Death Penalty Update

TODAY – Saudi Crown Prince visit to London as executions double

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is in London today to meet with Theresa May. 75,000 people have signed our petition calling on him to stop the imminent execution of 18 young people sentenced to death for the ‘crime’ of protesting against the government.

Stay tuned – we will be delivering our petition to him at the Saudi Embassy today.

We cannot allow Mohammed bin Salman’s long overdue reforms in Saudi Arabia to mask the ongoing crackdown on the exercise of fundamental rights.

Since his appointment as crown prince, the final death sentences of protesters, including a number who were children at the time, have been confirmed amid serious allegations of torture and an unprecedented number of executions.

Meanwhile the close relationship Theresa May trumpets has led to British police officers training Saudi agents in the kind of cyber-monitoring techniques which have been used to justify death sentences.

Our Prime Minister must make clear that no UK assistance can continue until the Crown Prince abolishes the death penalty for protest-related offences and immediately reviews the cases of all those facing imminent execution.

More on Saudi ‘reforms’ and human rights abuses

Since launching Vision 2030 – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s blueprint for a bright future – the authorities have executed more than 300 people, including children and peaceful protesters.

But there have also been attempts at reform, with women being allowed to drive and participate in elections for the first time. A commitment to a transformed society, open to the international community and international business, is at the heart of Vision 2030.

There is hype and hope in equal measure, but what does the does the future according to Vision 2030 include, and what does it leave out? Do these reforms mean real change is coming or will torture and beheadings continue? Will Saudi Arabia execute 2030 people by the year 2030, as current rates predict?

We take a closer look at the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia in light of Vision 2030, and attempt to answer these questions.

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