End The Death Penalty Update

Your birthday messages to Ali al-Nimr

Ali al-Nimr was sentenced to death as a child for the ‘crime’ of attending pro-democracy protests in Saudi Arabia. On Thursday 21st December, Ali spent his 23rd birthday on death row.

When you’re trapped in a box, it can feel like the world has forgotten you. Birthdays can be particularly hard. For those on death row, the fear that you may not live to see your next birthday can be overwhelming. That’s why messages of support from people like you can make such a big difference.

This week our supporters all over the world have been signing our birthday card to Ali. Over 13,000 of our supporters signed Ali’s card, in just four days- thank you to everyone who added their name, for this overwhelming show of support.

Many of our supporters also sent birthday messages to Ali. Here are some of our favourites:


Happy birthday. While it must be bittersweet, don’t forget that millions of us around the world are with you in spirit and, with Reprieve’s help, we will not rest until you are free. We admire your courage and resilience. Never lose hope.” – Andrew 


“Many of our supporters also left birthday messages for Ali. Here are five of our favourites: With sincere good wishes on your Birthday, Ali. You are known about and cared about. You are NOT forgotten.” – Susan


“Dear Ali, I have a son who is a similar age to you. Like you, he is someone who speaks out when he feels something is wrong. I will be thinking of you on your birthday and hope that you will soon be free, as my son is.” – Catherine


“We are thinking of you and hoping that Reprieve will win their case for you and you will get home, the place you deserve to be. You are not forgotten now” – Sara


On your birthday and every other day and night, I and hundreds of thousands like me, wish and hope for your release. In the eyes of all that is human and positive I hope that those who captured and imprisoned you find it within their hearts and minds to favour compassion above fear. All my thoughts are with you . You are not alone.” – Jennifer


Dear Ali, I am so sorry you will be spending your birthday in prison, today. In the northern hemisphere today is the shortest, darkest day of the year before the earth tilts back to the sun again, and light begins to return. The darker it is, the stronger shines the light, and I hope that your day will be lit by messages of support from across the world, and that light and freedom will come for you in 2018.” – Sarah 


Many of us here in the UK wish you a happy birthday Ali. Don’t give up hope. You are a courageous wonderful brave young man.” – Liz