Close Guantánamo Update Ahmed Rabbani

”They are being left to die” – a note from Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters

A note from Roger:

Ahmed Rabbani and Khalid Qassim.
Have been in Guantanamo for 15 years
Neither man has been charged
There is no evidence either man has committed a crime
They have been on hunger strike since 2013
The only way they have to protest their innocence
And affirm their humanity
Until three weeks ago they were strapped into restraint chairs
Twice a day and force-fed supplements through their noses
Since September 20th the supplements have been withheld
They are being left to die
Ahmed weighs 95lbs

Reprieve is trying to save their lives
Alongside my comrades at Reprieve
I am fasting for 24hrs, 15th October 2017
Tomorrow I shall eat
I am ashamed.
Restiamo Umani.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters is an English rock musician, singer-songwriter, & composer. Best known as bass player, co-lead vocalist, lyricist & principal songwriter in the rock band Pink Floyd.