Hope after 1000 days on death row

I want today to be about hope.

On Andy’s 1000th day on death row, I remember that he was always full of hope. He was passionate about democracy and justice – values that he saw as part and parcel of British society. Even though Andy faced an oppressive regime, he always had hope that he would one day see those values flourish in Ethiopia.

I want today to be about hope for justice – and I want as many people to join me as possible.

We have many reasons to be hopeful today. We have the support of MPs from across the political spectrum. We have people like you, and thousands more from across Britain and the world, who are campaigning for Andy. The pressure on the UK government to bring Andy home grows day by day.

But we still have much to do. Boris Johnson failed to secure Andy’s return when he visited Ethiopia last week. It was yet another opportunity missed.

I am not giving up until he is home. I know that many people are with me.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help Andy and our family. Because of you, Andy’s three children have hope that they will see their dad again soon.

Andy’s Partner

Andy Tsege is a British citizen on death row in Ethiopia after being kidnapped from an international airport and rendered to Ethiopia to face a death sentence. His only “crime” was speaking out against the authoritarian Ethiopian government.

You can sign the petition for his release here.