Is this you? by Jon Snow

Watching the news, trawling newspaper headlines. Your eyes head to stories about human rights abuses by powerful governments. Regimes around the world are using the death penalty to silence opposition. An innocent man in Guantánamo Bay is so desperate he’s on hunger strike – and his force-feedings were caught on tape. A child is sentenced to beheading after he ‘confessed’ to make the torture stop. President Trump is talking of a return to torture.

You believe that killing prisoners is no way for democracies to behave. You see how authoritarian regimes torture and execute those who dare to speak out against them.

You’ve joined Reprieve’s campaigns and donated to our urgent appeals, but you want to help change things for the better in the long-term.

Is this you?

If it is, I want to ask if you will join a group of our most committed supporters who are leading the way by starting a monthly donation. You will be making sure that Reprieve is ready to respond whenever we need to, and you’ll be a crucial part of the long-term change we’re fighting for.

This is me

You can give any amount per month – what’s important is your commitment to ending the death penalty and defending the victims of extreme human rights abuses.

We need those who support our cause to join right now. There are many people who need our help and time is always against us, so please join today.

We should all be proud to be a part of such a successful organisation. It’s a little known fact that Reprieve has freed more people from Guantanamo Bay than any other organisation in the world, even those many times our size.


Why join? 3 reasons and 47 reasons.

There are many examples I could give – but one sticks out. January saw a grim anniversary – one year ago Saudi Arabia executed 47 people in just one day. Some had been sentenced to death when they were just children.

But there were supposed to be 50 people on that list. Three were saved from the executioner’s sword – Reprieve’s clients Ali, Dawood and Abdullah. It’s a testament to what can happen when we all work together.

But 47 people were killed on that day – those we were not able to help. Ali, Dawood and Abdullah still face execution and need us now more than ever. It’s a constant battle to keep them alive.

Small, regular donations from those who want to stop atrocities like this mean that Reprieve can act fast when we need to, take on new cases, save lives and make an even bigger impact.

Together, let’s keep taking on governments that abuse their power. Let’s keep battling for those who need us. Let’s keep winning.

Thanks for being part of it.

Jon Snow
Reprieve Patron