Demand that Theresa May speaks out for tortured Bahraini on death row

Today, British Prime Minister Theresa May is in Bahrain to meet Gulf leaders including the governments of Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Can you join us and call on her to speak out for a father of three who was tortured and now faces a death sentence in Bahrain?

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Mohammed Ramadan, a former police officer and father of three, was arrested in retaliation for attending peaceful pro-democracy protests. He is now on death row after being tortured into making a false confession to a crime he did not commit.

In a recent article in the Guardian, Mohammed’s wife Zainab called on Theresa May to speak out. She spoke of how her husband was punished for believing in democracy by jailers who beat him, electrocuted him and threatened to assault her and other members of their family. He signed a false confession to put an end to his torture, and now could be executed at any time.

Join Zainab’s call on Theresa May now to speak out for Mohammed and against the use of torture and the death penalty in Bahrain and across the Gulf.

Speak out for Mohammed

The UK government was recently accused of financing a whitewash of Mohammed Ramadan’s torture claims, after it emerged that the Bahraini human rights watchdog funded by the UK Foreign Office had refused for two years to investigate Mohammed’s case, failed to follow basic investigative standards and was accused of intimidating Zainab for contacting human rights groups about her husband’s case.

UK money is complicit in covering up Mohammed’s torture: Theresa May must speak out now and call for his release.

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Zainab said “My husband remains in prison, facing execution for a crime he didn’t commit – while the people who tortured him still walk free“. It is time that the UK stood up for Mohammed and other victims of human rights abuses in the Gulf, and called for his release.