Call on Theresa May to speak out for juveniles on Saudi death row

On 7th December, Theresa May is in Bahrain to meet Gulf leaders including the governments of Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Can you join us and call on her to speak out for three young people who were children when they were sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia? The ‘crime’ they were accused of was attending pro-democracy protests.

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Ali and Dawood were aged 17 and Abdullah was just 15 when they were sentenced to death by the regime in the wake of pro-democracy protests that swept Saudi Arabia. All three were tortured into ‘confessing’ and sentenced to death.

The three were originally due to be executed in January of this year until international outcry spearheaded by Reprieve supporters led to their executions being temporarily called off. While Ali, Dawood and Abdullah were saved, 47 others were executed in a single day.

We have all worked for so long to keep Ali, Dawood and Abdullah alive – their only hope is for the international community to continue to speak out on their behalf. Can you speak out for them now?

Speak out for Ali, Dawood and Abdullah

Theresa May speaking out for Ali, Dawood and Abdullah would send a powerful message to the Saudi authorities that executing juveniles cannot be tolerated. It is time that the UK government stood up for Ali, Dawood, Abdullah and other victims of human rights abuses in the Gulf, and called for their release.