Stop Unlawful Drone Strikes Update Faisal bin Ali Jaber

Obama – acknowledge all civilian drone strike deaths

President Obama’s acknowledgement of US involvement in the drone strike that tragically killed an Italian and US citizen is welcome. But hundreds of civilians have been killed by covert attacks in Yemen and Pakistan.

The victims and their families have had no acknowledgement from President Obama or opportunity for justice.

These include a strike in Pakistan at a bus depot in which 24 civilians were found to have been killed, and an attack on a wedding convoy in which at least 12 civilians were killed.

Reprieve investigators are on the ground, uncovering the truth about civilian deaths. In Yemen, our investigators found that a strike killed an anti-al Qaeda imam, Salim bin ali Jaber, and his police officer cousin Waleed.

And our lawyers are fighting for accountability in courts around the world. In the UK, we brought the first case against the UK government over their role providing intelligence for the US drone programme on behalf of Noor Khan, whose father was killed in a strike in Pakistan.

Reprieve is representing survivors and victims’ families in their fight for legal accountability, transparency and justice.

Join the fight against US drone strikes.