How We Work Together

Reprieve US and Reprieve are independent organizations, however, we have a shared vision and work closely together to further our missions. 

This collaboration is mutually beneficial to both Reprieve US and Reprieve as it enables each organization to work more effectively and efficiently and take advantage of the strategic locations to increase the impact of this work.

Reprieve US started working with Reprieve in 2014 and is able to take a leading role in pursuing litigation in the US on behalf of victims of human rights abuses, and communicate and raise awareness of the issues that both organizations work on amongst a US audience, including the US government. Both organizations work closely together to leverage resources on casework areas which are in furtherance of the charitable aims of each organization.

Reprieve is able to provide operational and administrative support to Reprieve US, which saves costs and ensures the organizations work effectively. The organizations’ relationship is fostered by sub-grant arrangements that fund areas of work being carried out collaboratively; as well as by annual attendance of Reprieve US staff at an international Reprieve retreat in London; and by the meeting at various points during the year of the trustees and staff of both organizations to discuss areas of work in which the organizations collaborate.