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Sister of man imprisoned in Saudi Arabia writes to Hamilton

The sister of a man who was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is asking seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton to help save her brother’s life.

Zeinab Abu Al-Kheir told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that Hamilton’s declaration two weeks ago in Qatar that F1 is “duty bound” to raise awareness on human rights makes her think that he might be able to save her brother, Hussein Abu Al-Kheir. The spotlight of auto racing pivots to Saudi Arabia on Sunday when the kingdom for the first time hosts an F1 contest.

“Dear Lewis, I’m writing to you in the hope that can save my brother’s life,” Abu Al-Kheir wrote last week to Hamilton from her home in Canada, in a letter shared exclusively with the AP. “Just saying his name while you are in Saudi Arabia may be enough.”

According to Reprieve, 392 people have been executed for non-violent crimes in the six years that King Salman and the powerful crown prince have ruled. Read the full story on the Associated Press.