Why Saudi Arabia had to advertise for more executioners

While Saudi Arabia’s seeks to cement its place as a leader in the global economy, it’s place as one of the world’s most prolific executers is undisputed.

Saudi Arabia has ranked among the top five executing countries for the last decade, and has carried out over 520 executions since 2014 – one roughly every three days.

But the Kingdom has struggled to keep up with its own unparalleled execution rate, so much so that it was forced to advertise for executioner job openings.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia placed public adverts for 8 new executioners. The advert specified no special qualifications and described the main role as “executing a judgment of death”. “Performing amputations on those convicted of lesser offences” was also part of the role.

Apparently, the recruitment drive was successful, and enabled Saudi authorities to carry out a series of mass executions. Over 72 hours in July 2017, the Kingdom executed 14 people. In January 2016, 47 prisoners were executed in just one day. Children and peaceful protesters were among those killed.

Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s blueprint for a bright future over the next 13 years, but at the current rate, Saudi Arabia will have executed over 2030 people by 2030. It is a very different vision of the future than the one the authorities would wish to portray.


Saudi Arabia has sentenced fourteen peaceful protesters – including a young disabled man and two juveniles – to death.

Saudi Arabia claims to be modernising and reforming under its Vision 2030 programme. But any vision of the future, however grand, is fundamentally undermined by continuing to execute peaceful protesters and children. If Saudi Arabia is to have a bright future, these young men must be alive to see it.

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