Kill List FAQs

What is the ‘Kill List’?

While the entire US kill program remains shrouded in secrecy, one of the few facts that have slipped through the net is that the US has a ‘Kill List’. That Kill List, part of a broader Disposition Matrix for dealing with those labelled as terrorist targets, drives the US drone program and increasingly other forms of US operations.

In some cases, instead of being identified by name, a target will be identified and placed on the Kill List on the basis of their ‘metadata’, including individual’s phone calls, social media postings, and travel patterns.

Who you speak to, where you travel to, and even what you tweet- all these things could earn you a placed on the ‘Kill List’. No direct evidence of wrong-doing is needed, due process is abandoned, and targets are given no opportunity to argue their innocence.


Read about Malik Jalal, a peace activist on the Kill List



Who is on the ‘Kill List’?

The identities of those on the ‘Kill List’ are kept secret by the US Government. However, Reprieve’s investigations have revealed that journalists, religious and political leaders, NGO workers, and others have all been placed on the ‘Kill List’.


What are Reprieve US doing to help?

We oppose the illegitimate, off-battlefield use of weaponized drones anywhere in the world.

Reprieve US is assisting survivors and victims’ families in their fight for legal accountability, transparency and justice. Through investigation, litigation, and education, Reprieve is leading the fight to bring about transparency and accountability on behalf of those affected by drone strikes.

We also work to support innocent individuals who fear they may be on the ‘Kill List’, often because they have narrowly escaped drone strikes in the past. We support these individuals to challenge their listings, and to shine a light on the secret and opaque processes by which the Trump Administration determines who to kill.

We help those affected to challenge these government excesses in court, and amplify their voices in the media so that the world can hear their stories.




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