Guantanamo Facts and Figures

Guantanamo Bay detention camp has now been open for over 15 years. Throughout its history, the US government has tried to suppress the facts about the detention camp, where detainees are illegally held without trial or charge. They have lied about the number of children in the camp, and falsely claimed that the prison holds ‘the worst of the worst.’

  • Total number of individuals detained at Gitmo since 2002: 780


  • Total number of prisoners currently: 41


  • Detainees currently cleared for release: 5


  • Total number of detainees transferred since 2002: 730


  • Total number of detainees who have died in custody since 2002: 9


  • Total number of child detainees since 2002: At least 15


  • Total number of detainees convicted: 4 by military commission, 1 by US federal court


  • Annual cost of Guantanamo: $445 million (approx.) per year, which is over $10.84 million per detainee/year and over $29,000 per detainee/night