End The Death Penalty Update Kris Maharaj

Kris Maharaj – an innocent man in a Miami jail

Chances are you’ve not heard of a millionaire British businessman called Kris Maharaj. He used to pit racehorses against the Queen’s, give generously to charity and throw lavish parties for high-society London in the Seventies. You almost definitely won’t know of his former business associates, the Miami-based father and son Derrick and Duane Moo Young. But Pablo Escobar? Everybody knows him. The richest criminal in history. The “king of cocaine”.

Of these four men, only Kris Maharaj is still alive, although he came very close to dying in the state of Florida’s electric chair. The story that binds them together is one of murder and revenge at the heart of the biggest drugs empire the world has ever seen.

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