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Foreign Office official ‘knew about detainee mistreatment’

Officials knew that detainees in a secret foreign jail run by an ally of Britain were highly likely to have suffered “unacceptable treatment” but did not raise the alarm for a year, a report says.

Human rights groups have raised renewed concerns about British links to potential mistreatment after the report by the intelligence watchdog said the detainees were in the custody of a foreign service “as a result of UK operations”.

Reprieve, the human rights organisation, said that the incident raised concerns about UK complicity in alleged torture during interrogations abroad.

Sam Johnston Hawke, Reprieve’s policy leader, said: “These revelations confirm our worst fears. This previously secret policy enables UK intelligence agencies to wash their hands of complicity in torture. Have we learnt nothing from Britain’s shameful role in ‘war on terror’ abuses?”

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