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A man with a mental disability loses his appeal and will be hanged in Singapore

A Malaysian man with a mental disability lost a final legal appeal Tuesday against his death sentence in Singapore and faces execution soon, a lawyer and rights activists said.

Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam has been on death row since 2010 for trying to smuggle less than 1.5 ounces of heroin into Singapore. At an earlier court hearing, his IQ was revealed to be 69 — a level internationally recognized as an intellectual disability, but the court ruled Nagaenthran knew what he was doing by violating Singapore’s harsh anti-drug laws.

M. Ravi, a lawyer assisting the case, wrote on Facebook that Singapore’s top court ruled that Nagaenthran’s appeal was “an abuse of process and that international law does not apply. Nagaenthran, who is mentally disabled, is due to be hanged possibly in the next few days.”

U.K.-based rights group Reprieve said Nagaenthran faces imminent execution unless he receives a pardon from Singapore President Halimah Yacob.

“The Singaporean government has made clear its commitment to champion the rights of persons with disabilities. Allowing this travesty of justice to take place would fly in the face of those promises,” Reprieve director Maya Foa said.

“We urge President Halimah Yacob to listen to the cries for mercy within Singapore and around the world, from the United Nations to global business leaders, and spare the life of this vulnerable man,” Foa said in a statement.

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