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Lords reject clause in bill criminalising refugees who arrive by irregular route

Boris Johnson’s nationality and borders bill has suffered four defeats in the House of Lords, including the removal of a crucial plank of the government’s immigration strategy that would have criminalised refugees who arrive in the UK through an irregular route. Peers also amended the Bill to scrap a controversial measure that would allow people to be stripped of their British citizenship without warning.

The House of Lords supported by 209 votes to 173, majority 36, a move to strike the proposed power from legislation.

Under existing law, deprivation of citizenship can be carried out for those people considered to pose a threat to the UK – including terrorism or war crimes – or if they obtained their citizenship fraudulently.

The bill was supposed to enable citizenship to be removed without notice if it would “not be reasonably practicable”, and in the interests of national security.

Maya Foa, director of the non-profit organisation Reprieve, said: “Government’s powers to strip citizenship are already the broadest in the G20. They are used disproportionately against people from ethnic minority communities. MPs must listen, and strike this discriminatory provision from the bill.”

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