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Trafficked women and children “abandoned” in Syria, finds cross-party inquiry

The British government is guilty of a “systematic failure to combat IS [Islamic State] trafficking operations” and of “abandoning” trafficked Britons, including children, to indefinite detention in Syria, according to a cross-party parliamentary report released today (10 February).

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trafficked Britons in Syria (APPG) heard evidence that UK public bodies failed to properly identify Britons at risk of trafficking, failed to notify the parents and guardians of young girls who were being groomed, and failed to prevent those at risk of being trafficked from travelling to warzones.

The six-month inquiry also heard evidence that the Home Office had deprived Britons of their citizenship on a “blanket basis” without consideration of whether they had been “groomed, coerced or deceived into travelling to Syria”.

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