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British women and children detained in Syria failed by UK government, inquiry finds

There is “compelling evidence” that British women and children currently detained in camps in north-east Syria were trafficked to the country against their will, according to a new parliamentary report.

After a six-month inquiry by the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on trafficked Britons in Syria, the report published on Thursday highlights how systemic failures by UK public bodies enabled ISIS trafficking of vulnerable women and children as young as 12.

“The government’s approach to British nationals detained in Syria is morally reprehensible, legally dubious and utterly negligent from a security perspective,” said Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, co-chair of the APPG. “It is also unsustainable, as recent IS attacks on Kurdish detention facilities have shown. The US has told us to bring British families home and our European allies have shown us how. Any ministers still clinging to the current failed policy would do well to read this report, which sets out the potentially catastrophic consequences of continued inaction.”

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