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UK accused of ‘targeted killing’ after drone strike on arms dealer to IS

Reprieve, a human rights charity, asked “what are the criteria” used to justify who can be targeted in a “track and kill” drone strike, and called on ministers to tell the Commons why this strike was deemed necessary.

The group’s comments come after the Ministry of Defence announced on its website, more than a month after the attack, that the crew of a Reaper drone, armed with 100lb Hellfire missiles, had “tracked a known terrorist in northern Syria”.

Jennifer Gibson, who leads for Reprieve on extrajudicial killings, said: “This announcement, slipped out on a quiet Saturday morning on the MoD website, appears to herald a new UK government targeted killing policy.

“So what are its criteria for tracking and killing? How did it determine that this person was worthy of assassination? And why wasn’t parliament consulted or even informed?”

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