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Dispatch: Britons held in Iraqi IS deradicalisation camp say they are arson targets

As the first heavy rainfall of the Syrian winter fell on Roj camp, a disabled British woman struggled to open her tent to bring her young boy in from the rain.

The woman, who had earlier travelled to Islamic State territory, was injured by shrapnel to her brain and spine during the last fighting against the extremist group in Baghouz, eastern Syria, in 2019.  

Since then the woman, who the Telegraph is not naming her for legal reasons, has been detained in camps holding Islamic State supporters, dependent on her young son for help with daily tasks such as fetching food and water.

Doctors say that her untreated medical condition puts her at risk of sudden death.

Earlier this month, she says someone sprayed petrol on her tent and set it alight with her and her son inside. “I don’t know how he and I survived,” she said, as her son showed his burned plastic toy truck.

But more than that she said she was concerned for the welfare of her son. “He didn’t do anything to deserve that,” she said, speaking with difficulty due to paralysis of the right side of her body.

“He is the sunshine of my heart,” she said. “He does everything for me… he’s doing things kids his age shouldn’t.” Read the full story in The Telegraph.