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Shamima Begum: Government ‘shirking responsibility’ by refusing to repatriate Isis detainees, Tory MP says

The government has been accused of “shirking its responsibility” towards Shamima Begum and other former Isis members from the UK.

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, who co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Trafficked Britons in Syria, said the continued refusal to repatriate them for trial was also “making us all less safe”.

Mr Mitchell said there was a “strong case” that Begum and other girls and women who travelled to Isis territory were trafficked for sex and are victims of modern slavery.

He added: “Since when was a schoolgirl too much for the British justice system? Not only is the UK out of step with our allies who are repatriating their citizens, it is also beneath us as a nation to shirk our responsibility for British nationals and, as security experts have warned, it makes us all less safe.” Read the full story in The Independent.