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Jagtar Singh Johal: MPs’ fury over UK Government ‘failures’

“TIME’S up” for the UK Government over its “unforgivable dereliction of duty” over the fate of a Scottish man facing the death penalty in India, MPs say.

It’s been 1335 days since then-newly-wed Jagtar Singh Johal, nicknamed Jaggi, was “kidnapped” by Indian authorities while shopping with his wife on an ordinary street. He’s still in jail, pending trial and facing a potential death sentence over a confession he says was signed under electrocution and other torture.

UN agencies have petitioned the Indian government over his treatment and two international charities – Redress and Reprieve – have taken up his case.

Today angry MPs pressed the government on why they have not designated his incarceration an arbitrary detention – a move that would allow them to tackle it in a different way.

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