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MI6 kept quiet about ‘criminality’ of agent with ‘licence to kill’

This Guardian article about an MI6 agent overseas breaching ‘red lines’ on serious crime and the agency seeking re-authorisation without telling ministers was on the front page of the newspaper’s website and in its morning news briefing.

It also rounded up the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s report for 2019, which severely criticised MI6 for “several weaknesses” in its agent-running within the UK, leading to “several errors”. It found that MI6 needed to “better recognise” and “authorise activity in compliance with” the law in the UK.

Reprieve’s deputy director Dan Dolan told the Guardian: “While our intelligence agencies do a vital job, this report rings alarm bells in its account of agents run amok. The government urgently needs to get a grip on unchecked lawbreaking by agents, but instead is rushing through legislation which places no clear limits on the crimes they can commit.”

You can read the article in The Guardian here.