Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, Ivan Teleguz was sentenced to death.

Ivan Teleguz’s death sentence was based on false testimony, and a prosecutor’s suggestion that Ivan participated in a murder that never happened. But Virginia still planned to execute him on April 25th 2017. However, Governor Terry McAuliffe granted clemency to death row inmate Ivan Teleguz, permanently halting his execution.

Virginia planned to execute Ivan Teleguz for a murder he didn’t commit. The real culprits lied and said that Ivan hired them to commit the murder, and this testimony sent Ivan to death row. The prosecutor even used an invented murder to scare the jury into sentencing Ivan to death. The true killer struck a deal with the prosecution to save his own life while Ivan has spent 10 years on death row and is about to be executed.

However, justice prevailed and a man who would have been killed on August 25 2017,  has been allowed to live.

When granting clemency, the Governor cited, among other issues, the fact that the prosecution had used a made up murder in order to secure a death sentence.

“During the trial, evidence was admitted implicating Mr. Teleguz in another murder in a small Pennsylvania town.  In arguing for the death penalty, the prosecutor made explicit reference to this evidence in arguing that Mr. Teleguz was so dangerous that he needed to be put to death.

We now know that no such murder occurred, much less with any involvement by Mr. Teleguz.  It was false information, plain and simple…”
Governor Terry McAuliffe

Thank you to everyone for helping Ivan.