Imdad Ali is a former electrician from Pakistan who is severely mentally ill. Despite his mental illness, Imdad is due to be executed.

Imdad has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and a 2013 medical report stated him to be “insane.” Sentenced to death in 2008 over a shooting, Imdad lost his final appeal last year.

Pakistan has signed international agreements which prohibit the execution of mentally ill prisoners – but despite this, Imdad has been told he will be executed.

The President of Pakistan, who has the power to commute death sentences, has summarily dismissed a petition for mercy for Imdad which was submitted last year.

Imdad comes from an extremely poor family. His family began to notice signs of mental illness as long ago as 1998 – but they could not afford to pay for private medical assessments, which could have identified his mental illness, and possible treatments, earlier.

Following his initial detention, Imdad’s his mental illness was exacerbated by the poor, overcrowded conditions in the jail. In 2012, a medical assessment of Imdad diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. The Head of Department of Psychiatry, Nishter Hospital, Dr Naeemullah Leghari, noted Imdad’s “incoherent speak” and “bizarre paranoid delusions.” Dr Leghari found that Imdad was “insane”, and that his illness was “chronic and disabling.”
This clear evidence of mental illness appears not to have been included in Imdad’s 2015 appeal, resulting in a serious miscarriage of justice.

Reprieve is calling on President Mamnoon Hussain to show mercy, and honour Pakistan’s international agreements banning the execution of mentally ill prisoners, by staying Imdad’s execution.