Bilal Abdul Kareem is an US citizen, and freelance journalist, who has reported for the BBC, Channel 4, CNN, Sky News and Al Jazeera. He travelled to Syria in 2012 to report on the conflict there and give an all-important on the ground perspective to an international audience through his interviews with rebels.

For this, the US Government wants to kill Bilal.

A former stand-up comedian from New York City, in 2016, Bilal narrowly escaped being killed by drone strikes on five separate occasions, including two strikes on cars he was travelling in and a further two strikes on the headquarters of his news agency, On the Ground News, while he was present.

The US Government has placed Bilal on their ‘Kill List’, for the ‘crime’ of interviewing individuals in Syria, a vital part of his journalistic work. We believe that the US program Skynet has used metadata, including his social media posts and travel patterns, to incorrectly identify Bilal as ‘suspicious’.

Bilal poses no risk to the US, does not support any terrorist group, and has not committed any crime. Despite this, the US has already attempted to kill Bilal Abdul on multiple occasions.

Bilal has been given no opportunity to present evidence of his innocence, and with Trump at the helm of the drone program, this journalist’s life is in grave danger. He is asking simply for the what every American citizen is entitled – the right to defend himself and prove his innocence in a court of law.