Ahmad Zaidan, is an internationally acclaimed journalist who has reported from some of the most dangerous regions in the world. For this, the US Government wants to assassinate him.

Ahmad is a senior journalist with Al Jazeera, who has won acclaim for his work with US outlets, including CNN and PBS. He is known for his courageous frontline reporting in some of the most difficult and dangerous areas of the world. Among his many achievements, Ahmed was the first journalist to interview Osama bin Laden.

He poses no risk to the US, is not a member of any terrorist group, and has not committed any crime.

Despite this, leaked top secret documents reveal that the US computer program referred to as ‘Skynet’ has falsely identified Ahmed as a courier for Al Qaeda. As a result, he fears he has been placed on the ‘Kill List’, and is at risk of assassination by drone strike.
Instead of using direct evidence of illegality, Skynet identifies terrorists by analyzing meta-data, including individuals’ phone calls, social media postings, and travel patterns.

This deeply flawed method poses a direct threat to journalists in particular. Simply carrying out normal journalistic activities, such as interviewing sources, can result in journalists being falsely identified as terrorists, thus putting them at risk of being killed by US drones.

Ahmad has been given no opportunity to present evidence of his innocence, and is all he is asking from the US courts.