Death Penalty

This case could change the death penalty system in Pakistan for good

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Pakistan has the world’s largest death row. It is a place where human rights are too frequently ignored, where torture is rife, and even children are not spared from the gallows.

Pakistan broke a moratorium on the death penalty in December 2014, and since then has been executing people at a staggering rate. If we want to stem the tide of global executions, this is where we need to take a stand.

We’re taking on a case that has the potential to challenge the whole death penalty system in Pakistan. 

Mazhar Farooq is one of the few people to have been exonerated and freed from Pakistan’s death row. He spent over twenty years languishing in one of Pakistan’s death cells in the shadow of the gallows. Now, with your help, we’re going to take legal action against the authorities that wrongfully sentenced him to death.

Taking on Mazhar’s case means taking on Pakistan’s death penalty system. It means exposing the deep flaws in a system that has sent so many to the gallows. It means saving lives and protecting human rights. 

The funds we raise now will help us carry out extensive investigation and legal work on Mazhar’s case and to investigate further cases where people have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.

We have an amazing team working on Mazhar’s case. Shahzad Akbar is our lawyer in Pakistan – he is leading the way and will be keeping our supporters updated on Mazhar’s case as it progresses.

We all know what is at stake – the Pakistani authorities have hanged one person almost every two days since December 2014. They must be stopped.

Mazhar’s case represents hope for justice – a crack through which light can reach even the darkest of places.

When we see the cracks in the system, we have to pry them open with everything we have. When we see an opportunity for justice, we have to take it. Can you help us seize this chance for change?

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